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Summer Totes for Picnics or a Day at the Beach

Are you looking for a fun summer bag to pack a picnic or beach supplies? Here are a few fun artist designed totes and bags that bring some summer sunshine to your belongings.

Fun Summery Tote Bags

Beach Holiday

I’m always ready for a beach holiday. You too? Take a look at these cute designs by independent artists with a beach vacation theme.

Beach Essentials by Pigment Studios
Sea of Love by Down by the Sea
L’Amour a la Plage by Boum Badadboum
Seagulls by Motuwe
Seaside Holiday by Shoshannah

Summer Fruits

Let’s have some fruity fun in the sun! I love a cute fruit pattern and these are perfect for summer. Check them out by clicking the images below.

Bananas by Toso Journ
Lemons by Owlie Design
Pineapple Driver by Teo Zirinis
Watermelon by Ketrena

Frozen Treats

What’s more summery than yummy treats like ice cream and ice pops? Beat the heat with a frozen treat, or just show off your love for desserts with these cute tote bags with illustrations of ice cream cones and popsicles.

Click the images below to check out the bags!

Aussie Treats by Make Merriness
Bomb Pops by Kelly Gilleran
Treat Yoself by Kanika Masur
Triple Scoop by Shoshannah

Summer Sports

When the sun comes out it is time to play! Grab your racquet, ball or frisbee and head outside to the park or the sand. Check out these adorable designs on the theme of summertime sports. Some of them you can even customize with your name or initials.


A day at the beach isn’t complete unless you go hunting for seashells or pretty rocks. Maybe you can toss a few of your favorites in your new seashell themed tote bag! Take a look at these lovely designs featuring seashells.

Hermit Crabs by Amy Hadden
Blue Seashells by Cat Coquilette
Seashells by Studio VII

Summery Abstract Patterns

Bright colors and happy designs make for a wonderful summer tote bag. Check out these designs that give a fun sunny vibe.

Red Circle by Julie Alex
Scoshe by Wacka Designs
Bubblegum Dream by Lenna Arty

Arty Zippered Pouches

Stay organized and keep the sand out of your belongings with zipper pouches. They are great for small items like lip balm, headphones, pens, mints, makeup and more! I always have at least one with me to hold my external battery, camera memory cards and other small things I don’t want to get lost in my bag.

Here are some zipper pouches designed by artists with sweet summery designs! They come in small, medium and large sizes.

Cute Summer Backpacks

Perhaps you prefer a backpack to a tote bag? Here are some adorable backpacks that are ready for a picnic or day at the beach.

I hope you like these artist designed tote bags, backpacks and pouches. Have fun this summer!


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