Best Online Watercolor Classes: Watercolor for Beginners

Do you want to learn how to use watercolor? There are many watercolor for beginners classes that you can take online, but which ones are the best? Here are seven of my favorite online watercolor classes for beginning and intermediate artists. Learn about color theory, the best brushes and paper to use, and new techniques and tricks.

An online course is a great way to get inspired and learn new things from experts in the field and artists you admire, even if they live on the other side of the world from you.

Do want to learn watercolor painting for beginners step by step? Check out these watercolor painting classes.

Best Online Watercolor Classes

Ana Victoria Calderón: watercolor workshops online

The first online watercolor course I ever took was from Ana Victoria Calderón. She has a bright and colorful style and teaches wonderful watercolor lessons on Skillshare. If you are looking for an online beginner watercolor class you should definitely check her out! A few of her classes include:

Her watercolor classes include explanations about her favorite brands and tools, as well as footage of her demonstrating the painting techniques. I find the demonstrations incredible to watch, they are both inspiring and relaxing. She has terrific control of her brush work. I highly recommend her online classes for watercolor painting for beginners step by step. I think Ana Victoria has some of the best online watercolor classes out there. If you sign up for Skillshare here you can get a month for free.

Ohn Mar Win: watercolour painting courses

Ohn Mar is a super successful watercolor artist with a colorful, fun style of painting. She teaches great bite-sized online watercolour courses that are perfect for practicing in your sketchbook or expanding your toolkit. She demonstrates the techniques and you can follow along and paint with her at home at your own pace. Some of her Skillshare watercolour classes include:

I love how Ohn Mar Win combines pen with watercolours to create charming pieces. Take one of her classes and get inspired. Sign up for Skillshare here and get a month free trial.

Yao Cheng: watercolor painting lessons for beginners

Yao Cheng has a beautiful watercolor technique and paints especially gorgeous florals. Learn watercolor for beginners with her lovely Creativebug class, or try her intermediate watercolor painting course or paint flowers and plants outdoors with watercolors. She is a very talented painter and has many products with her art on them. Take a look at her classes on Creativebug and get a free trial:

If you are searching for the best online watercolor class you can’t go wrong with Yao Cheng. She is professional and her work is really lovely.

Molly Murrah: watercolor for beginners classes

Are you looking for a watercolor course for beginners? The Watercolor 101 course taught by Molly Murrah on CreativeLive will teach you watercolor painting for beginners step by step. She covers color theory, mixing paints, how to create light and shadow and many more watercolor tips. Also check out her class Magic of Watercolors, a five week course where you will learn about which papers and brushes to use, and tips for color and composition.

Mariya Popandopulo: watercolor lessons online

Do you love coffee and desserts? Do you love drawing food? Then you should take a look at Mariya’s watercolor lessons online on Skillshare. Her painting style is adorable and her teaching style is friendly and easy to follow, even for beginners. Check out these yummy classes:

Beware! These online painting classes will bring out your sweet tooth! Sign up for Skillshare here and get a month free trial.

Amarilys Henderson: simple & lovely watercolor lessons

Amarilys is a commercial illustrator with a special talent for painting people and flowers. Check out some of her top watercolor courses on Skillshare like:

Katie Rodgers: art lessons online

Katie Rodgers is a fashion illustrator and you can learn basic watercolor techniques from her classes on Skillshare. Her classes are great if you love fashion! Check them out and get a free trial of Skillshare:

Kateri Ewing: watercolor classes for beginners & intermediates

Learn the fundamentals of watercolor painting from artist and instructor Kateri Ewing on Craftsy. You’ll learn key topics about working with watercolors, including staining and granulating effects, lightfastness ratings, pigment numbers and more. She has several online watercolor classes you can take on Craftsy or watch on Bluprint. Sign up here for your free 7 day trial! her courses are:

Travel Sketching & Urban Watercolor Painting

Do you love the idea of painting scenes from your travels or painting in plein air? There are several watercolor courses that can teach you techniques for getting the most out of capturing the scenery around you. Here are a few favorite urban sketching and travel watercolor courses. Click the links to check them out and be sure to sign up for the free trials.

Online watercolor classes allow you to learn at your own pace in the privacy of your home. You can practice anywhere anytime. I hope these classes are a good start for you to learn watercolor painting, have fun and get inspired!

For great watercolor supplies for beginners, check out this post. And check out these posts about the best watercolor brands and the best watercolor paper and sketchbooks.

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