Best Online Gouache Classes: Gouache Painting for Beginners

Do you want to know how to use gouache paint? Here are some of the best classes to learn painting with gouache for beginners. But first, let me give you some basic information about gouache paint if you don’t really know what it is.

What is gouache paint? Gouache is a water based paint consisting of pigment, water and binding agents. It is often referred to as opaque watercolor. It is not usually waterproof and can be diluted with water to change the opacity.

How do you use gouache paint? You can use gouache on its own, thin with water or mix with other mediums. Gouache can be layered and the layers can be opaque which makes it different from watercolor. You can paint on paper or other substrates like wood or canvas but you might have to prime the surface first with something that the gouache paint can bind with.

Can gouache be used like watercolor? Yes, you can paint with gouache without diluting with water or add as much water as you like to use it like watercolor. Gouache and watercolor paints can be used together and several brands that make watercolor paints also make gouache and vice versa.

Can you mix gouache and watercolor paint? Yes you can and many artists do! Some brands of gouache are more like acrylic paint however and may not mix well with lots of water. This is called acrylic gouache or acryla gouache. Acrylic gouache behaves somewhat like a mix between gouache and acrylic paint and is water-resistant when dry.

Best Online Gouache Classes

Here are some of the best gouache online classes and tutorials that you can take in the comfort of your home at your own pace. If you’d prefer to take gouache lessons in person, check with your neighborhood art store, community colleges and local gouache artists to see if they offer workshops and classes.

Jennifer Orkin Lewis: Illustrative Painting with Gouache

Learn how to use gouache paint to create charming illustrations with artist Jennifer Orkin Lewis, also known as August Wren. She uses gouache, ink and watercolor in her work and has a lovely painting style. You can find this class on Creativebug here.

Also check out her 31 animals daily painting challenge class where Jennifer paints a different animal each day using gouache. Paint along with her and practice your skills for a month. You can find the class here on Creativebug.

Sign up here to get a free trial with access to this class and more.

Modern Landscape Illustration with Gouache with Sova Huova

Sova shows you how to paint beautiful landscapes using gouache paints in her Modern Landscape Illustration with Gouache class on Skillshare. This gouache tutorial teaches you how to create fantastic images inspired by folk art with gouache paint. Sign up for Skillshare today and get a free trial where you can access this class and many more.

Lisa Congdon: Daily Painting Challenge

Artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon shares her love for painting with gouache in this daily class. Lisa will show you how she designs colorful patterns with botanicals, geometric shapes and everyday objects. Find this class on Creativebug and check out the free trial too.

Leah Goren: Learn to Paint with Gouache

Leah is a successful illustrator who works mainly with gouache. Here in this Skillshare class she teaches you how to use gouache paint to create colorful artworks of fruits and flowers. She has a loose, painterly and modern style that is interesting and very on trend. Sign up for Skillshare here to access Leah Goren’s class and more.

Also check out Leah’s amazing class on keeping a sketchbook. She’s so talented!

Heather Ross: Illustration Basics

Heather is a fabulous illustrator with a fun style. In this Illustration Basics Creativebug class she shows you how to paint with gouache to create whimsical characters and cute images that can make great wall art or be used in patterns or even for a greeting card. Sign up for Creativebug here to get access to this class and many others.

Romica Spiegl-Jones: Gouache for Illustrators

Take these gouache lessons from Romica on Skillshare to learn gouache painting techniques for beginners. Romica makes charming illustrations and shows you how you too can create cute creatures using goauche paints. Sign up for a free Skillshare trial here and watch the class.

Julia Bausenhardt: Everyday Objects & Florals with Gouache

Join artist and illustrator Julia as she shows you how to paint with gouache. She shows you how to paint everyday objects and florals with gouache in a fresh and colorful way. Take a look at her Skillshare classes here.

Nina Weiss: Painting with Water-Based Media

Curious about the differences between water-based media like watercolor, acrylic and gouache and want to learn to paint with all three? Check out this Craftsy class. Sign up today and get a free month of classes on Bluprint too.

I hope this list gave you some good resources to learn painting with gouache. Be sure to check out this post about the best gouache paint brands as well!

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