10 Fun Gifts for Artists

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Do you have a special artist in your life? Here are some amazing gifts for artists that are perfect for birthdays and holidays.

10 Fun Gifts for Artists: birthday and holiday presents for the artist in your life

Anyone who paints with water based mediums like watercolors knows this problem. Drinking from the paint water cup is not a pleasant experience. You’d think that after you do it once you’d never do it again but most painters will tell you it happens once in a while. Help prevent this problem with these fun paint water mugs.

10 Fun Gifts for Artists: not paint water mugs

It’s always fun to learn a new technique or work with a new medium. Why not gift your loved one a gift of art classes? There are a huge range of classes on platforms like Creativebug and Skillshare. Buy them a month subscription or even a year of you are feeling generous. They can take as many courses as they like on subjects like watercolor painting, sewing, digital art, pottery and other arts and crafts.

Check out this list of my top 10 Creativebug classes for beginning artists.

Amarilys Henderson: simple & lovely watercolor lessons

Artists and aspiring artists might want a bit of inspiration to get the ideas flowing. Check out this fun book by Jennifer Orkin Lewis. It has all kinds of prompts to get the creative energies moving. Draw Every Day, Draw Every Way is a guided sketchbook with 365 days of prompts by artist Jennifer Orkin Lewis also known as August Wren.

Dick Blick has an amazing range of art supplies from beginners paint sets to the top brands. Shipping is often free and you can find almost anything you need. Why not get a Dick Blick gift card for the artist in your life so that they can buy whatever the supplies they want.

Many artists are inspired by visiting museums. If you prefer experience gifts rather than purchasing objects why not take your friend the artist for a fun day at the local museum or art gallery. You could buy the tickets and maybe even take them to coffee or lunch. If you live far away from the gift recipient why not send them tickets so that they can go to their local museum on their own.

10 Fun Gifts for Artists

A beautiful sketchbook is a great gift for almost any artist, but especially those who like to draw and paint. Moleskine notebooks are popular as travel journals and sketchbooks. Check out this one with sturdy watercolor paper or this one with smooth pages in landscape format.

10 Fun Gifts for Artists: Moleskine sketchbook

Do you know an artist who would like to start selling their work but they don’t know where to start? Check out the range of classes by Make Art That Sells by Lilla Rogers. Her classes are available online and cover topics like how to illustrate children’s books and how to create collections for home decor.

Coloring books have become really popular in recent years for all kinds of people. They are fun and relaxing. Artists might like taking a break from creating their own works to simply enjoy playing with color. These adult coloring books are very high quality with beautiful illustrations and fun hand lettering artwork.

An artist who works in the studio alone all day might want a bit of entertainment. Many artists enjoy listening to music, podcasts or audio books while they work. Perhaps you could purchase an Audible subscription, or pay for Spotify for your favorite artist.

If you are feeling generous you could gift your loved one with an amazing art retreat or workshop. There are art retreats and workshops all over the world. Download a list here or you could ask your artist friend if there is a particular workshop they’d like to attend this year.

I hope this list of 10 gifts for artists helped you find the perfect present for your loved one!


10 Fun Gifts for Artists: birthday and holiday presents for the artist in your life

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