8 Best Podcasts for Artists

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Some artists work in a busy studio with other people chatting, some like to work with their favorite music playing to help get in the flow. But if you are like me, sometimes you like to create art while your brain is being entertained by information, novel thoughts and ideas.

Here are eight of my favorite podcasts for artists.

8 Best Podcasts for Artists

Jealous Curator: What started as a blog about artists she was envious of, has become a series of books and a successful podcast titled Art for your Ears. Danielle Krysa has a friendly interview style and speaks to a variety of artists about their lives and inspirations.

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Design Matters: Debbie Millman talks with designers and other creative types about their lives and work. Hear from not just artists, but all kinds of people who do interesting things like Tim Ferriss, Maira Kalman, Brene Brown, Lisa Congdon, and Roz Chast.

TEDTalks Art Podcast: TED Talks are often best on video, but you can also listen to these TED Talks from artists, designers, photographers and curators about their work.

Bad At Sports: This weekly podcast involves around 20 collaborators and covers art and the art community.

The Lonely Palette: If you love art history you will enjoy listening to host Tamar Avishai discuss the stories behind famous art works by artists like Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne and DuChamp. This is one of the best podcasts about art history.

The Abundant Artist: Learn how to sell your art online with helpful podcasts and tutorials from Cory Huff. Content is free for members.

Artists Helping Artists: Leslie Saeta and her cohost Margaret Sheldon discuss marketing techniques and other helpful hints for artists. This podcast might be especially useful to those who feel clueless about technology and online marketing as the hosts spell things out on a basic level.

Raw Material: An art and culture podcast produced by SF MOMA, and covers weird, wacky and wonderful subjects brought to you by artist, creatives or curator hosts.

Not on the topic of art, but these podcasts are some of the best. I like to listen to them while I’m painting, drawing or photo editing.


8 Best Podcasts for Artists