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Anthropologie Artists: Ruan Hoffmann

Anthropologie is known for their colorful, boho designs and they work with many independent artists to create interesting pieces and collections.

Each month we highlight one of these collections and the artist behind them in this series called Anthropologie Artists. We will also tell you where you can buy them, even if the item is sold out or no longer in stores.

Ruan Hoffmann Ceramics Collection

Ruan Hoffmann is an amazing ceramic artist and painter who is from South Africa. His pieces for Anthropologie are both classical and ultra modern. The lettering is bold and a bit messy but at the same time has very traditional letter forms. His pieces for Anthropologie bring to mind tableware I have seen in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London like this cup from the 18th century.

Compared to some of the kaleidoscope colors and crazy patterns of many Anthro collections, Ruan Hoffmann’s Anthropologie collection is simple but beautiful. I especially love the combination of indigo inky color and the gold highlights in the Dream Birds collection.

The latest Ruan Hoffmann collaboration with Anthropologie is called Jardin des Plantes and  includes tea cups and saucers, shower curtains, measuring spoons, teapots, and more. Many of these items are already sold out but you may find an errant piece or two in your local shop.

The ceramics collection was originally available at Anthropologie a few years ago, but you could sometimes still find a piece here and there in a shop. Check eBay to find these items now.

Ruan Hoffmann has worked as a ceramic artist for more than 25 years. He is a self-taught artist, and uses the surfaces of plates, tiles and vases as canvases. You can see some of his pieces here in this short video.

This artist is one of my favorites! Would you like to see more work by Ruan Hoffmann? Visit his website to get more information.

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