Anthropologie Artists: Paige Gemmel

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Anthropologie is known for their colorful, boho designs and they work with many independent artists to create interesting pieces and collections.

Each month we highlight one of these collections and the artist behind them in this series called Anthropologie Artists. We will also tell you where you can buy them, even if the item is sold out or no longer in stores.

Paige Gemmel Anthropologie Rugs

Paige Gemmel is an artist who resides in Florida. She paints wonderful and fanciful images inspired by such things as chinoiserie and vintage Staffordshire figurines.

Paige Gemmel Anthropologie Rugs

Anthropologie has taken Paige’s paintings and translated them into fabulous rugs. One of the things that makes these rugs even more wonderful is the fantastic crewelwork stitching that adds so much fun detail and texture.

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The rugs are perfect for a room in your home that could use a touch of whimsy, whether that is the bedroom, living room or even a kids room.

Anthropologie also collaborated with Paige Gemmel to create fabulous colorful armchairs with her quirky designs. And if an armchair or large rug are outside of your budget, take a look at the throw pillows.

Would you like to see more Paige Gemmel paintings? You can buy her original paintings and prints in her Etsy shop Pink Lion Dog. She also sometimes sells other items like beautiful printed silk scarves and gorgeous pillows.

Follow Paige Gemmel on Instagram at @pgemmel and at @pinkliondog.

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