Anthropologie Artists: Monika Forsberg

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Anthropologie is known for their colorful, boho designs and they work with many independent artists to create interesting pieces and collections.

Each month we highlight one of these collections and the artist behind them in this series called Anthropologie Artists. We will also tell you where you can buy them, even if the item is sold out or no longer in stores.

Monika Forsberg Anthropologie Kids Bedding

Check out this beautiful and whimsical bedding for children on the theme of Kew Gardens by artist Monika Forsberg. It comes in different styles with colorful patterns on both front and back of the quilt.

Monika Forsberg Anthropologie Kids Bedding

One of the blanket patterns has two huge pink flowers surrounded by blue butterflies and framed by a geometric pattern. The back side is covered with the same style of flowers intertwining. The other pattern has a wonderful botanical garden illustration with glass houses, plants, flowers, birds and swans. The back side is covered with flowers. I love her charming birds and colorful quirky style.

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There is also a swaddling blanket and sheet set in the collection covered with swans and a lovely swan pillow.

Monika Forsberg Anthropologie Kids Bedding

If her collection is sold out on Anthropologie, you can find them on eBay. You can also find her amazing clothing designs and games and puzzles she has created. Check them out here on eBay.

The artist is Swedish and lives in London with her two kids. She is known for her amazing quirky illustrations and animations that look like they have been painted and then cut out from the page. Monika uses gouache, pencils, pens and ink to create her colorful artworks. She has worked with many other companies in addition to Anthropologie, and you can find her designs on clothing, books, cards and games.

Want to learn to draw like Monika Forsberg? Check out this amazing book she wrote and illustrated called Anywhere, Anytime Art: Crayon: An artist’s colorful guide to drawing on the go! 

Anthropologie Artists: Monika Forsberg: Colorful Kids Bedding & more

If you’d like to learn more about Monika Forsberg, visit her website Walkyland, take a look at this interview by Lisa Congdon or listen to this rambling podcast interview on The Jealous Curator.


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