Anthropologie Artists: Linea Carta by Diva Pyari

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Anthropologie is known for their colorful, boho designs and they work with many independent artists to create interesting pieces and collections.

Each month we highlight one of these collections and the artist behind them in this series called Anthropologie Artists. We will also tell you where you can buy them, even if the item is sold out or no longer in stores.

Linea Carta Anthropologie Tableware

Diva Pyari is the artist behind Linea Carta. She is known for her beautiful brush lettering and calligraphy.

Anthropologie Artists: Linea Carta by Diva Pyari

Anthropologie has collaborated with Diva Pyari with a collection of tableware. These beautiful and collectable plates feature Diva’s beautiful calligraphy alphabet letters with an illustration and a word inspired by each letter. The artwork is inspired by her collection of vintage cards found on her travels.

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Purchase a plate with your favorite illustration or the letter of your name. They also make the perfect gift and would even be lovely on the wall of a new baby’s nursery.

The Linea Carta Anthropologie collection originally included the City Vignette cups and travel mugs but they are sold out on the site. Looking for sold out pieces from the collection? You can find them here on eBay.

Would you like more beautiful Linea Carta designs for your home? Check the Linea Carta Etsy shop. There you can find her brush lettering workbook, as well as beautiful designs for the home like aprons and tea towels.

Anthropologie Artists: Linea Carta by Diva Pyari

Diva Pyari is a well-known lettering artist and you can take her courses in person or with her worksbooks to learn techniques, tips and tricks from her. She often teaches these workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area where she resides. She also hosts amazing art and creativity retreats in Italy several times a year. The next one is this spring in Venice! To find out more, visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

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