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Anthropologie Artists: Danielle Kroll

Anthropologie is known for their colorful, boho designs and they work with many independent artists to create interesting pieces and collections.

Each month we highlight one of these collections and the artist behind them in this series called Anthropologie Artists. We will also tell you where you can buy them, even if the item is sold out or no longer in stores.

Danielle Kroll Anthropologie Collections

Did you know that artist Danielle Kroll previously worked for Anthropologie in their art department? Now she is a professional artist and does freelance collaborations with Anthropologie among many other clients.

Her style is whimsical, quirky and colorful. I simply love it! Her fabric designs often have fun patterns while her ceramics feature a central motif.

She has designed clothing, kitchen textiles and dining sets for Anthro in the past. Check out a few of my favorite items below.

This champagne pattern makes a festive fabric for kitchen accessories like tea towels, aprons and oven mitts. I have a few friends that would absolutely love them as gifts.

She also designed fabric patterns for clothing for Anthropologie. Take a look at this sweet shirt with an Egyptian inspired pattern. Obsessed!

Her ceramics collections are also full of charm. I love the combination of the quirky painting, bright colors and sweet, simple lettering.

Ahhhh! These planters and vases are just so fun! Look at the watermelon one!

If her latest collection is sold out on Anthropologie, you can find them on eBay.

Danielle Kroll is originally from New Jersey but currently lives in Brooklyn. Follow her on Instagram to see her recent drawings and paintings. I love her series combining photographs with fun animals. It’s also really cool to see her creative handbuilt ceramics pieces.

Danielle works mostly with gouache, or acryl gouache to be exact. Her style is so charming with wonky shapes combined with thin delicate lines. Be sure to check out her website for links to all her latest projects and collaborations. Want to know a bit more about the artist? Read this short interview at Frankie Magazine.

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